The Management of Information Systems Association (MISA) is a professional organization for Kent State students that are interested in Information Technology in the business world. We give students the opportunity to learn about today's IT topics, explore IT business opportunities, and network with business professionals.

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Benefits of MISA

Career Opportunities

MISA provides a forum for studnets to meet and network with leading IT professionals. More often than not, these professionals are offering internships and jobs to our members. Our large alumni base connects us to some of the largest companies in Ohio and beyond. Through MISA, members can build lasting relationships with both their peers and the companies that visit us.

Leadership Opportunities

We provide our members with the opportunity to hold one of our 8 officer positions. Companies recognize the hard work our officers put into the organization and look highly upon them when reviewing resumes. Officer positions allow members to apply their leadership skills in a practical way. These positions are also looked highly upon in scholarship considerations.

Skill Development

IT is a broad and fast growing environment and we teach members about the current IT industry. We cater to all levels of experience and mastery of any area is not required for this organization. We expose members to every area of IT and how those areas interact in a business setting. Our goal is to ensure that members leave MISA with a deeper understanding of the IT landscape.

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